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I’m Daniel Eran, and I write about technology, Apple, motorcycles and the place I call home: San Francisco. This is a work in progress. I’ve done RoughlyDrafted for a few years, but my site was so much work that it kept me from writing. I’m attempting to simplify things using iWeb.
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How RD Gets Built
Since June 2006, I’ve been using iWeb to publish this site. After publishing, I use HexMonkey Software’s free and highly recommended search and replace tool MassReplaceIt to inject special HTML and Javascripts to support comments and trackback features using Haloscan, links to community sites, search, affiliate links, web stats, and other features iWeb does not natively support.
Web Stats: 2006
In the fourth quarter of 2006, readership reached a quarter million visits per month. Almost exactly half of those readers were using a Mac. Of those Mac visitors, 71% were using PowerPC Macs, and 29% were on Intel Macs.
For Windows users, 89% were using Windows XP, 7% Windows 2000, nearly 1.5% Windows Server 2003, and 1.4% were using a beta version of Windows Vista.
On all platforms, 38.8% were using Safari, 38.5% were using Firefox, and 15.8% were using Internet Explorer.
I’m planning to start a brief weekly review podcast, as well as a spoken word version of existing articles.
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Monday, January 8, 2007

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes

Apple iTunes

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Apple iTunes